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In order to continually promote healthy living within the UK CRISp is making long term commitments with charities and government organisations to better understand why the UK have such a poor record of healthy eating. By understanding the challenges these organisations face, we are better equipped to continually improve our product and service. We also like to do our bit, so check back here to see the latest developments and upcoming events with our market partners.

TOAST – The Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust.

TOAST was started as a non-profit making organisation in 1998 and received charitable status in 2001. The primary aim of the Charity has always been to ensure that people whose lives are affected by obesity have an impact on policies and treatment, and to this end the main work that we undertook initially was to raise the issues of obesity and overweight as a matter for policy makers to take seriously.

It became apparent that not only was there a lack of understanding by politicians and doctors, but by society as a whole. We have been extremely successful in raising obesity in the political arena and TOAST together with other lobbyists played a major role in the initiation of the House of Commons Health Select Committee inquiry into Obesity. Whilst we recognize the importance of continued lobbying, we are also aware that many decisions are being made concerning the approaches to the treatment and prevention of obesity are based on the medical model of treatment; most strategies involve either diet-and-exercise advice or medication, and yet the wider picture is still being missed. Without effective solutions, the problem is getting worse and millions of people are at risk of either dying prematurely or having a lifetime of both physical and mental health illness.

For more information on how you can get involved with Toast visit www.toast-uk.org.uk

My School Lunch

My School Lunch raises awareness of school lunches and helps local authorities work together to promote their catering services.

We create websites based on an agreed template which provides information for adults, teachers and children. This includes advice on healthy eating and an active lifestyle with links to the National Curriculum. There is a range of educational games in a funfair with different skill levels so that children enjoy themselves but learn while they play.

For more information visit www.myschoollunch.co.uk


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